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IN-CO, founded in 1974, owes its existence to the expertise of Renato Romagnoni. Thanks to IN-CO’s adherence to a heritage of tradition, its expertise and skills, the company now boasts a modern production facility with a surface area of 2,500 sq. m., highly specialized personnel and leading-edge machinery. Attesting to IN-CO’s growth curve is the company’s ISO 9002 certification, already obtained in 1994.


Despite our already excellent performance as a player in a marketplace with many competitors, we at IN-CO still felt we should ‘go the extra mile’.
We therefore decided to add a distinctive strength to our commitment to use of quality material and to quality of workmanship. Our products come with a further advantage frequently of fundamental importance, when time is of the essence. We ensure speedy, timely delivery.

Optimal management of production is ensured by the particular care and attention we dedicate to organisation. With dedicated flow-charts, we optimise time management to ensure seamless progress at all processing stages.

Thanks to this blending of strengths, IN-CO can fully meet the needs of a constantly changing marketplace, with standard products or products made-to-measure.