Rapid delivery of quality products? IN-CO has the answers!

In order to set ourselves apart from the competition, within such a lively marketplace as ours, we opted for a winning solution: providing full IN-CO customer satisfaction. Not just quality but also quick ‘turnaround’ and rapid delivery.

IN-CO manages its own production lines. It ensures control and directly assumes responsibility for its products. The key to our organisational profile consists in our processes designed to ensure optimal results plus rapid production times — this is the timeliness factor that gives us a competitive edge often of fundamental importance also for our customers.

Electric Contacts

Suitables for any number of fields of application, our range includes massive, bimetallic and trimetallic contacts.


Cold-forged from wires in various materials, including copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminium and many others.

Special and made-to-measure

Non-standard and as requested by our customers, to meet all needs in terms of sizes, look and materials.