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Production of electrical contacts and rivets

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Construction of electrical contacts

Production of high quality electrical contacts and rivets

IN-CO is specializes in manufacturing electrical contacts and rivets used in a variety of electrical devices, such as switches, sockets, relays, etc. electrical, connectors, motherboards, and many more.

The electrical contacts are fundamental components for the conduction of electricity in these devices; our company is engaged in designing and producing high quality electrical contacts; able to guarantee a reliable and secure connection.
In our production plant we use only quality materials; and advanced technologies to produce electrical contacts and rivets resistant to corrosion, wear and high temperatures, so as to ensure maximum life and reliable performance of devices using these parts.

We also offer custom design services of special electrical contacts for customers, in order to create specific products for every need, providing technical assistance and after-sales support.

IN-CO, with a view to safeguarding the environment and the working context, has chosen to use only safe products that comply with the most current regulations; restrictive. Since 2001, the internal system for recycling production water reduces both the consumption of the water itself, which is purified and reused, and the disposal of waste.

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